By becoming a member of the Cascadia Chapter of NIGP, you join with hundreds of other professionals who benefit from the educational, training and networking opportunities we offer.

Membership in the Cascadia Chapter of NIGP is open to procurement professionals from provincial, local and federal governments, cities, states, provinces, municipalities, colleges, libraries, hospitals, and other public agencies in Western Canada and consultants specializing in public procurement.

Benefits of Membership

with Cascadia Chapter with National Membership
Access to documents and templates relevant to public procurement in BC and Canada on the Cascadia Chapter website. Over 16,000 documents and templates available in the VAULT.
Network with peers at Cascadia Chapter events. Access to online peer networks.
“Ask a Question” of public procurement professionals in BC. Contact-An-Expert portal links to NIGP members with subject matter expertise.
Members-only prices for courses and local networking events. Complimentary subscriptions to GoPro: Government Procurement magazine and Sector Spotlight e-newsletter.
Locally-delivered training and professional development opportunities. Members-only prices for NIGP courses and events.
LES Scholarship Program.
MEASURE – a free tool for recording and reporting on delievered savings.
Quick guide to find suppliers in the Online Supplier Directory.
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For more information on the Benefits of Membership, please contact Kai Robinson, Chair, Membership Committee.

Membership Fees

Individual Member: $25 (If a National Member)
Individual Member: $30 (If Not a National Member)
Former Public Procurement Professional: $30
Retired: $25
Faculty: $25
Student Member: $15

Agency A (2-4 Members): $50
Agency B (5-7 Members): $125
Agency C (8 – 13 Members): $200
Agency D (14 – 19 Members): $350
Agency E (Greater than 19): $500

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Membership Fees